Diploma in Nursing


Course description


This is a basic diploma course aimed at preparing fist level nurses who can provide promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative nursing care to individuals and families in hospitals and anywhere in the community. It represents a 3-year curriculum, which emphasizes critical thinking and information seeking skills. The Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach is incorporated into the curriculum to develop a spirit of inquiry and life-long learning.

Aim of the course
To produce nurses who will be able to provide quality nursing care to individuals and families who require health care in the hospital and community.

Curriculum objectives

At the end of a 3-year Diploma in Nursing course, the graduate should be able to:

1. provide safe nursing care to individuals so as to ensure comfort to those under her care.

2. apply scientific and systematic approach in the delivery of care to individuals and family.

3. demonstrate caring attitude in the management of individuals and family.


4. teach individuals and family under her care to achieve and maintain optimal state of health.

5. demonstrate accountability and a sense of responsibility in the practice of nursing.

6. become self-directed learner and be responsible for her own learning.

7. function effectively and safely as a professional and a member of a health team

8. contribute and participate in nursing research

Admission Requirements

Those within the ages of 17 to 30 who wish to follow the Diploma course must possess an SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) with 5 credits in Science, Bahasa Malaysia, and 3 other subjects and a pass in English and Mathematics. Preference will be given to those who pass in Biology, Physics and Chemistry and a credit in English.

Curriculum Structure

Number of Credits
Total number of Credits
96 (100%)
85 (88.5%)
11 (11.5%)
Compulsory University Courses
English Language Skills

Major Courses

A. Nursing Sciences (65 Credits)
·Nursing Sciences I, II, III, IV, V, VI
·Community, Critical, Psychiatric, Pediatric and O&G Care and Management Modules.
·Health and Health Promotion
·Clinical Posting
B. Medical Science (20 Credits)
· Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry I & II
·Microbiology, Parasitology & Pharmacology
·Medicine and Surgery I, II & III

Minor Courses

·Developmental Psychology
·Information Technology
·Introduction to Nursing Research

Course Structure

(Semester 1)


FN 1013 : Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry I

FN 1213 : Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry II

FN 1413 : Nursing Science I

FN 1412 : Nursing Science II

FN 1712 : Communication

FN 1313 : Clinical Posting I


(Semester II)

FN 1023 : Medicine – Surgery I

FN 1223 : Mikrobiology, Parasitology, Pharmacology

FN 1423 : Nursing Science III

FN 1722 : Sociology

FN 1324 : Clinical Posting II


(Semester I)

FN 2013 : Medicine-Surgery II

FN 2413 : Nursing Science IV

FN 2813 : Health & Health Promotion

FN 2712 : Information Technology for Nursing

FN 2314 : Clinical Posting III

(Semester II)

FN 2222 : Nutrition

FN 2023 : Medicine-Surgery III

FN 2423 : Nursing Science V

FN 2623 : Nursing Science VI

FN 2722 : Developmental Psychology

FN 2324 : Clinical Posting IV


(Semester I & III)

FN 3713 : Introduction to Nursing Research

FN 3012 : Community Nursing Module

FN 3113 : Clinical Posting

FN 3212 : Critical Care Nursing Module

FN 3313 : Clinical Posting

FN 3412 : Pediatric Nursing Module

FN 3513 : Clinical Posting

FN 3022 : Psychiatric Nursing Module

FN 3123 : Clinical Posting

FN 3222 : O&G Nursing Module

FN 3323 : Clinical Posting

FN 3422 : Management Module

FN 3523 : Clinical Posting


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