Bachelor of Nursing


Course Description

This is a basic undergraduate course in nursing aimed at preparing first level nurses who are capable of assuming professional responsibilities in clinical nursing of high standard, at the same time attempting to improve quality service through research and advanced development in nursing.

It is a 4-year full-time course which encompasses all of the courses taught in the Diploma program plus a more in depth treatment of the medical and social sciences, the humanities, nursing research, public and community health and management science. The additional course work will enhance professional development and will prepare them for a broader scope of practice, a better understanding of the cultural, political, economic and social issues, a higher capacity to adapt to change and to collaborate with interdisciplinary team as well as a capacity to integrate clinical expertise with knowledge of community resources.


The Bachelor of Nursing course offers a higher credit value in liberal education in the form of nursing philosophy and theories, medical sociology, ethics and medicolegal issues, a more intensive approach to critical thinking and problem solving, the ability to analyse and communicate data, patient education and counseling. Of particular significance would be the development of communication and leadership skills, patient education skills, and skills in patient assessment, planning and evaluation of care including the development of critical pathways which is essential in the current clinical scene.



Admission Requirements


� Basic Requirement: SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) or equivalent with credit in Bahasa Malaysia; STPM (Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia) OR Matriculation Certificate. Candidates must have a pass in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics and a full pass in Pengajian Am.


� Special Faculty Requirement


Credit exemption can be considered for candidates who possess:


a. Diploma in Nursing with a CGPA of not less than 2.67 or equivalent and satisfactory clinical practice of no less than 1-2 years, OR


b. Advanced Diploma in Nursing from a recognized institution of higher learning or equivalent, AND


c. Registration with the Nursing Board of Malaysia.


d. In special cases, admission will be the decision of the Faculty and the Senate.


Course Objectives


At the end of the 4-year Bachelor of Nursing (with Honours) course, the graduate will be able to:


1. provide comprehensive and quality care which ensures safety and well being of patient, families and the community.


2. apply systematic approach to care based on scientific knowledge and technical skills that are current and relevant.


3. demonstrate caring attitudes, high ethical and professional values in the care of patients and families.


4. provide patient education and counselling to patients and families in their care in order to achieve and maintain optimum health status.


5. lead nursing teams in solving problems related to nursing practice


6. assume active role in nursing research and professional development activities.


7. become a professional who is self-directed and who assumes life-long learning responsibilities.


Curriculum Structure


The 4-year curriculum will comprise the following components:


� Basic and Medical Sciences

27 credits
� Nursing Sciences (including 68 weeks of Clinical Practice)
66 credits
.Social and Behavioral Sciences (including 9 credits of Nursing Research,Information Technology and 3 credits of Elective in Liberal Arts).
21 credits
� University Courses (including general education and cocurriculum)
12 credits

Total Number of Credits


Course Structure


YEAR 1 Semester I


FJ 1014 Medical Sciences I

FJ 1013 Health & Health Promotion I

FJ 1213 Nursing Sciences I

FJ 1612 Sociology

FJ 1412 Clinical Practice I


Semester II


FJ 1024 Medical Sciences II

FJ 1022 Nursing Sciences II

FJ 1223 Medicine and Surgery I

FJ 1623 IT for Nursing

FJ 1422 Clinical Practice II


YEAR 2 : Semester I


FJ 2013 Medical Sciences III

FJ 2214 Medical Sciences IV

FJ 2213 Medicine & Surgery II

FJ 2212 Health & Health Promotion II

FJ 2412 Clinical Practice III


Semester II


FJ 2023 Medical Sciences V

FJ 2223 Medicine & Surgery III

FJ 2622 Developmental Psychology

FJ 2424 Clinical Practice IV

FJ 2823 Elective (Liberal Arts Subject)

YEAR 3 : Semester I


FJ 3013 Obstetric & Gynaecology (Women�s Health Module)

FJ 3213 Paediatrics Module

FJ 3613 Home Care Module

FJ 3813 Psychiatry Module

FJ 3413 Clinical Practice V


Semester II


FJ 3023 Critical Care Module

FJ 3223 Oncology Nursing

FJ 3224 Management in Nursing Practice I

FJ 3823 Professional Relationship in Nursing Practice

FJ 3422 Clinical Practice VI


YEAR 4 : Semester 1


FJ 4012 Patient Education

FJ 4014 Basic Statistics and Research

FJ 4612 Medical Sociology

FJ 4015/4115/4215/4315/4415/4515/4615

Nursing Sciences V (Elective)


FJ 4412 Clinical Practice VII



Semester II


FJ 4022 Gerontology Nursing

FJ 4025 Research Project

FJ 4222 Management in Nursing Practice II

FJ 4223 Understanding Nursing Theory

FJ4422 Clinical Practice VIII


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