Medical Students

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The medical course is 5 years in duration. The first 2 years comprise the pre-clinical stage while the third, fourth and final years are part of clinical stage.

The first session is an integrated curriculum based on organ-system . Human behavior and ethic, methods of inquiry and critical thinking are some of the subjects. Problem solving and independent learning strategies are stressed.
The First Phase of junior clerkship emphasizes on the acquisition of the basic clinical skills. The second phase focuses on the application of the basic clinical skill in various clinical subjects. The third phase or senior clerkship is a period of consolidation of basic and special clinical skills in which student will be responsible for some aspects of patient care under supervison.
Community health which emphasizes on rural health is taught throughout the five years program. In addition to an eight-week rural health posting and another eight-week district hospital posting which is emphasizes primary care, students are also encourage to select community-oriented project for their five-week elective posting. 

On successful completion of the medical course the degree of Doctor of Medicine (M.D) is conferred.


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