Elective posting



The aim of this elective posting is to give the student an opportunity to undertake, for a period of 2 weeks [international] or 4 weeks [local] either at the end of year 3 or year 4, any humanitarian project of their interest.
Learning outcomes
1.   Experience and discover broader aspects of human life beyond the classroom setting.
2.   Critically reflect on the experience in the form of a written report
The electives may be undertaken in any institution either governmental or non-governmental, locally or internationally.
You are provided with a list of institutions for you to choose and arrange your elective placement. If you find none of the institution listed match you interest you may discuss you choice with the Elective Coordinator or his assistant.
Please   DOWNLOAD    this document:
 because of the original link is broken, I already link to the new link that is working.
feel free to download it.
1 ) Guidelines of Elective Posting (New link)

2) List of venues for elective posting (New link)

3) Elective posting – Application Form (New link)

if you have any query or for further information you can visit this website:
You also can download those files from download corner/widget at the side bar of this website.
If the link is  broken, please leave some comment here.

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13 03 2009

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25 03 2009

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20 09 2009

Hi all,

New to the forum, just thought I’d introduce myself 🙂

21 03 2010


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I wish, i can make lot’s of new friends here at ktdiukm.wordpress.com 🙂

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