World Health DaY

14 07 2008

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Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre is having:


Event    : World Health Day,


Date     : 17 – 19 July 2008

Place    : Main Lobby & UKMMC Auditorium

Theme  : “Men Health is core for happy family”

Activities          :


1)      Prostate Disease Awareness Campaign

         free Check up & medical treatment for prostate disease

         Free Medical Check up

         Check up & treatment for Erectile Dysfunction for free


2)      Public Forumn – 19 July 2008 , 9.00 am, UKMMC auditorium

         “Men Sexual Problems” – Prof  Madya (K) Dr Zulkifli Md Zainuddin

         “Heart Problem amongst men” – Prof Madya (K) Dr Oteh Maskon

         “Prostate enlargement problem” – Dr Badrul Hisham Bahadzor

3)      Free Medical Check up including fat test and glucose test

4)      Exhibition about prostate and cardiovascular/ heart disease

5)      “No Smoking” clinic

6)      Pharmacy counseling

7)      Diet counseling


Presented by:

         Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysian Medical Centre

         Kolej Tun Dr Ismail College Community Board Committee (JAKSA KTDI)

         Asian Medical Student Association (AMSA)

         Persatuan Mahasiswa Fakulti Perubatan UKM (PERSIAP)


In collaboration with:

         Urology unit

         Cardiothoracic Unit

         Cardiology Unit

         Neuromedical Unit

         Nursing Department

         Pharmacy Department

         Dietetic Department


This activities is
free and open to public except certain extra things.

You are invited…




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